Making sure that your readers have all the information at their fingertips is the key to a healthy and successful online presence. Your prospective customers want to see that you hold relevant and timely information that isn’t five years old. They want to trust that what you are telling them is the latest information.

It kind of goes like this:- Most people love the movie Star Wars, and the legend has continued on and on with every new movie made.  But imagine for a moment that the 3 Star Wars movies made in the 1970’s were it, they were the end of the story. They would still be great movies, but it would be the generation of that time that holds the nostalgia.  Today’s generation and the ones after would have no emotional connection because it wasn’t in their era.

Thankfully they continued to tell the story and engage more generations.

This is a great example of our businesses today.  We must stay up to date with recent and relevant content on our websites and social media, so that people can stay connected.  We don’t want to risk becoming irrelevant and old in our thinking.  Just like Obi-Wan Kenobi passing on his lightsabre to Luke Skywalker, so we also need to pass on our knowledge and experience to our customers and people who will engage with us in the future.

Keeping your content relevant and fresh takes work, but it will ensure that every time a customer visits your website they have the opportunity to engage with current information or services. Which is why content is King!

If you need help staying up to date with your content, I can help.

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