Doing business in 2019 is all about your online presence. Many people don’t realise how important it is to have regular blog and social media posts. It’s like your business card. Without it no one knows who you are!

To quote Mark Bouris from ‘The Mentor’:- “Social media presence is non-negotiable. It is an essential marketing tool for any business these days!”


It’s all about bringing traffic to your website and ultimately your business. We can’t always physically go and bring our customers in, but we can reach so many more people and increase our traffic through online interaction. SEO plays a large part of google searches, but it can take time to get your google rating higher.

So how do you bring in more traffic?

You use the almighty power of social media with a link to your blog and straight away people are on your website. It is that easy!! The platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other platforms are brilliant ways to help raise your profile, glean followers and ultimately generate customers!


You’ve been running your business and working in your industry for a while now. You know things! You’ve learned the pitfalls of your service or product, you’ve seen some success, and you’ve jumped some huge hurdles! Sharing what you know can take your profile to another level, but also helps your customers to engage with your business on a more personal level.

When your customers are searching for a product, they are also looking for someone who knows about the product. Someone who can tell them why it’s so good and why they should spend their money on it. Who better to provide information about your products then you?


There’s nothing worse than going to a website and finding last years ‘events’ and old stale articles that were written 5 years ago. We live in a fast moving and changing society, and people want the latest news, the latest trend, and the latest offerings from your business. They want to know you are staying up with the latest in your industry.

A blog is a great way to stay relevant. There is so much happening on a daily basis in your business and in your industry that people want updates on. They want to hear about your latest product, and they want to be informed about changes to your industry by someone who knows the industry.

Keeping an up to date blog, will also help with point number 1 – TRAFFIC!

Every time you post something with relevant keywords and tags, your google rating is boosted and your post is listed higher on a google search. So, in many ways a regular blog can help keep you higher in the search rankings. Now that’s is great news!


You might read this and sigh. You know I’m right, but where will you find the time to write a blog?

Well thankfully you came to the right place! I happen to be a content writer!

You may have some great content ideas, and knowledge you want to share with your customers. But you’re time poor. In consultation with you, I can take your knowledge, research your product, and present relevant, engaging content to your customers. You get to edit, have the final say, and heck, you can even take the credit. That’s the selfless joy we content writers carry. We write, and you get the credit!

The great news is you can then go ahead and marry great blogs with your social media platforms and stay in your customers’ world on a daily or weekly basis. That’s one more way to market your business, and one less thing on your list you have to worry about!

Contact me now to discuss how I could help you with some serious content writing.

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